Radio Nova

An early recording of Radio Nova, Dublin’s best-known station. Mike Edgar is on air on July 30th 1981 from 3.30pm with Peter Madison reading the news.

Radio Nova

Radio Nova from August 1981 with Jason Maine on air and Peter Madison reading the news. This recording, off 88.2MHz, starts at 5.38pm.

Radio Nova

Mike Edgar (and The Midnight Cowboy) on air for Dublin’s Radio Nova in August 13th 1981 from 11.40pm. This recording is off 88.2MHz.

RADIO CITY (August 14th 1981)

From August 14th 1981, this is a recording of Paul Kavanagh on the Afternoon Show on Radio City, the Dublin pirate station.
Taken from 1165kHz, it starts at 3.38pm.

This Radio City recording is with thanks to Gary Hogg

Radio City station page

Radio Nova

John Clarke and Terry Riley on air for Dublin’s Radio Nova on August 15th 1981 from 8.44am. This recording is off 88.2MHz.

Radio Nova

John Clarke, Hugh O’Brien and Terry Riley on air for Dublin’s Radio Nova on August 15th 1981. This recording is off 88.2MHz and starts at 12.30pm.

RADIO CAROL-ANN (August 16th 1981)

This is a rare recording of Athlone-based pirate station Radio Carol-Ann from August 1981.

Midland Radio

The presenter is Mark Anthony, who identifies the station by the name Radio Carol-Ann, whereas idents give a station name of Midland Radio.
The banner seen here was at the entrance to the station.

The recording was made by the radio station touring lads of the DX Archive site, who stumbled upon Radio Carol-Ann by accident whilst travelling around.
So, thanks to them for both the recording and for these photographs which were taken whilst the recording was being made!


Starting at 3.20pm (with a few edits at the start) this is Mark Anthony on the air – and the picture on the left was taken during this show.

Mark later went on to start the pirate station Signal 102 in 1986, which was also in Ahlone, and lasted until 1988, and also to work for Midlands Radio 3 in the licensed era in the 1990s.

Jimmy Dean followed Mark at 5.30pm

This Radio Retro recording is presented by kind courtesy of DX Archive

The story of their 1981 visit to the station

Radio Carol-Ann Station Page

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