SUNSHINE RADIO June 18th 1982

Sunshine Radio - Declan Meehan

This is Declan Meehan’s final show for Sunshine Radio from June 18th 1982. We join the broadcast, which was recorded off 531kHz, at 4.45pm.

Tom Hardy follows Declan from 6pm, here’s a few minutes of his show.

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RADIO NOVA (June 29th 1982)

Radio Nova celebrates one year on air with a birthday surprise from RTÉ.

From June 29th 1982, this is a recording of the Dublin station as they were forced to use an alternative to their main microwave link from Herbert St. The main link was under attack from signals emanating from an RTÉ-owned building in Rathmines. The jamming had started the day before but lasted just 30 minutes.

First, from 6.18pm, John Clarke is on air for the final 40 minutes of his afternoon show.

Next, the magazine programme Dublin Today features an interview with Éamonn Cooke of Radio Dublin

Then from 7.30pm, Jason Maine

Radio Retro: Archiving Irish radio broadcasts with the help of Ken Baird

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