Radio Dublin Channel 2

Ger Roe with the Free Radio Programme as broadcast on Radio Dublin Channel 2 on January 19th 1983.
The programme went to air at 8pm.

CORK CITY LOCAL RADIO (March 19th 1983)

From March 19th 1983, this is a recording of Cork City Local Radio with Ken Regis on air from 3.55pm.


This Radio Retro recording is by kind courtesy of Ken O’Sullivan

CCLR Station Page

Radio Nova

May 14th 1983 was the date set for Operation Novacare 1983, an annual charity fundraiser ran by Radio Nova.

Sybil Fennell for Operation Novacare

In the first recording Declan Meehan is on air from the studios from 9.56am, whilst Nova personalities are on location in Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre.

Tony Gareth takes over from Declan at 2pm

This recording can now be downloaded direct from DX Archive.
We host it with thanks to Gary Hogg.

Radio Nova

A famous day in Irish radio history as Declan Meehan and Bob Gallico compose themselves on air whilst Department of P&T officials, accompanied by Gardaí, demand that they switch off Radio Nova.

The full story of the 1983 Raids is told chronologically in this Radiowaves Special Feature [tap here]

Radio Nova

Declan Meehan and Bob Gallico return to the airwaves the morning after a major raid on the station.

They were followed by Tom Hardy. This is the first hour of his show…

More from Tom Hardy. This recording from his show is from 11.50am and culminates with a historical announcement…

The full story of the 1983 Raids is told chronologically in this Radiowaves Special Feature [tap here]

Sunshine Radio

This is the morning the Sun went out over Portmarnock. The day after a raid against Radio Nova Sunshine Radio decided to continue broadcasting.

First, from 7.43, this is David Lyons on Breakfast.

David hands over to Robbie Dale from 9am

Radio Leinster

Al Dunne on the air from 12.57pm for a momentous broadcast

Radio West

The May 1983 raids on Nova and Sunshine hit hard as Radio West decide to voluntarily cease broadcasting.

This recording runs from 10pm…

…and this from 11.15pm through to switch off.

Bray Local Broadcasting

A recording of Bray Local Broadcasting on the night they voluntarily ceased broadcasting in May 1983. Mark Quinn is presenting from 10.55pm

The full story of the 1983 Raids is told chronologically in this Radiowaves Special Feature [tap here]

Radio Dublin

May 20th 1983 and following raids on Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio, Radio Dublin were one of a handful of stations in the capital to risk continuing in an atmosphere of paranoia. They opened their phone lines to an angry Dublin audience who had been deprived of their favourite radio stations.

First, from 9.30am. Mike Barron takes the calls

Then from 10am Curt Jackson takes over

From midday Tracey Evans welcomes some special guests into the studio

SOUTH COAST RADIO (June 11th 1983)

From 1983, this is South Coast Radio from Cork. John Lewis is on air in this recording which starts at 7.28pm on June 11th. It was recorded off 104FM.

This is a Radio Retro original

South Coast Radio Station Page

SUNSHINE RADIO (June 12th 1983)

From 1983, this is a recording of Sunshine Radio’s return to the airwaves. The Dublin station had remained off the air following the raid on them on May 19th but they finally returned on June 12th.

The first recording starts at 11.45am with the build-up to the station’s return, and then David Lyons is on from midday…


From 3pm Eugene Higgins celebrates the return…

This Radio Retro recording is presented by kind courtesy of DX Archive

The story of the 1983 raids on Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio

Sunshine Radio Station Page

RADIO NORTH WEST (September 6th 1983)

From Drumshanbo in Co Leitrim this is a specialist Synth Pop show presented by a very young and very enthusiastic Michael Bermingham on Radio North West.

Broadcast on September 6th 1983 the programme featured hits and oldies from the era and there’s also a selection of home-made jingles.

While you’re listening you are invited to visit the Radio North West station page and if there’s anything you can add to it please get in touch

This Radio North West recording is with thanks to Michael Bermingham

Radio West

This recording of Mullingar pirate Radio West, which was made in Blackpool, England, off 765kHz, starts at 2pm with Ollie Clarke on air. He’s followed by Dave Murphy at 3pm. The date is September 1983.

At this time Radio West were using the former Radio Nova 10kW Gates transmitter.

Radio Nova

Nova Gold with John Clarke from 4pm

This recording, which was made in Blackpool, England off 819kHz (even though the station were announcing 828kHz), starts at 4pm with John Clarke on air with Nova Gold, along with Martin Block on news duties.

At this time Radio Nova were using a temporary 1kW transmitter and were also broadcasting on 88.2MHz.

Arklow Community Radio

A recording of Arklow Community Radio with Joe Byrne on the air at 12.32pm on October 29th 1983.

This recording was made off 99.2MHz by the lads at DX Archive during a trip to the station.

At this time the station could also be found on 1251kHz AM.

This Arklow Community Radio recording is with thanks to Gary Hogg

Capitol Radio

Capitol Radio from Hallowe’en night in 1983. At this stage Capitol were an album music station, prior to their repositioning as an Alternative music focused service.

Both recordings are off 95.6MHz; the first begins at 6.45pm and the second features Aiden Stewart on air from 8pm.

Aiden Stewart on Hallowe’en duty from 7pm

Radio Annabel

Peter Madison on the air from 12.30pm

From November 1st 1983, this recording of the Dublin station is off 94.6MHz and features Peter Madison on air from 12.30pm.

At this point the station was also broadcasting on 1035kHz AM.

Community Radio Fingal

This recording of the north Co Dublin station, starting at 3.55pm on November 2nd 1983, was made off 89.8MHz by the lads at DX Archive during a trip to the station.

At this time CRF could also be found on 1575kHz AM .

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