RADIO CAROLINE April 1st 1983

On the morning of April 1st 1983, with South Coast Radio in Cork broadcasting as normal using their 10kw transmitter on 1566kHz and on FM, local listeners chancing upon the station’s ‘spare’ frequency using a standby 200watt transmitter on 1557kHz would have been amazed to hear the return of the ship-bound offshore pirate Radio Caroline, which had been promising to make a comeback for a while at that stage, and had now anchored off the coast at Cork.

This recording starts at 11.20am with Hertz van Rental.

The reasons why Radio Caroline were on the frequency was eventually revealed.

The transmitter returned to South Coast Radio programming, with Tony Allan, following the midday news.

South Coast Radio station page

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KOVE FM April 10th 1983

This is a recording of Andy Stevens presenting the morning show on KOVE FM, a south Dublin pirate, from 8.23am on April 10th 1983. Jeans Simmonds is on newsreading duty.

You can listen to the recording as it was broadcast here

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This recording is courtesy of Chris Ridley

RAIDIÓ LUIMNÍ April 21st 1983

John The Man (with thanks to Svenn Martinsen)

From April 1983 this is an afternoon recording of John ‘The Man’ Frawley on Raidió Luimní.

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