Sunshine Radio

A recording of Robbie Dale on his morning show on Dublin superpirate Sunshine Radio from April 9th 1984

Sunshine Radio

A full morning’s recording from April 26th 1984 – an eventful day in the history of Sunshine Radio.

Following weeks of an RTÉ jamming campaign on the station’s FM frequencies, the day before this broadcast a jammer was turned on to the MW frequency. It didn’t last long as the semi-state broadcaster managed to jam their own stations as well.

However, this was a whole new day…which starts at 6.50am with David Lyons at the mic.

From 9am Robbie Dale oversees some dramatic developments.

With the situation now very desperate Andy Rua takes to the air at midday.

Radio Mi Amigo International

From April 29th 1984 this is a short recording of Kieran Phillips on the Dublin-based SW pirate Radio Mi Amigo from 11.35am.

In it Kieran reports to their international listeners about RTÉ’s jamming campaign against Sunshine Radio in the previous midweek.

This Radio Mi Amigo International recording is with thanks to Ger Roe

The Radio Mi Amigo International station page

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