RADIO CAROUSEL July 12th 1984

This is a recording of Hugh Hardy’s Country Call programme on Radio Carousel in Dundalk, Co Louth from midday on July 12th 1984.

Radio Carousel

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This recording is with thanks to Kieran Murray

RADIO NOVA (July 13th 1984)

From July 13th 1984, this is Declan Meehan’s last show for Dublin superpirate Radio Nova before departing for Capital Radio.

Recorded off 738kHz, we join the show at 8.10am. Bob Gallico reads the news and does his usual inserts. And there’s a short snippet of Colm Hayes, who follows at 9am.

RADIO NOVA July 14th 1984

Lawrence John on the early Saturday morning shift for Radio Nova. The date for this 6am recording is July 14th 1984.

RADIO NOVA July 19th 1984

The morning show from Dublin station Radio Nova with Colm Hayes and Bob Gallico on a day that Ireland shook – literally!

Bernadette Jameson:- I was amused to hear my voice in an ad break in that recording, advertising Paul Penders natural hair and skin care. Googled them, found they are still going, so I ordered stuff. Must be the longest reaction to a radio ad ever!

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Inner City Radio

A short excerpt from a test transmission from July 29th 1984.

Inner City Radio

Announcer is unknown – if you know who it is please get in touch.

Radio Annabel

Dublin pirate Radio Annabel from July 29th 1984.

This recording features a closedown announcement from Bobby Howard

Radio Annabel

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