This is a recording of Blanchardstown FM Band Service (BFBS) from January 17th 1986 from 3.10pm.

This interesting hobbyist pirate station was available on short wave and a number of FM frequencies.

The recording starts with the end of a French language programme for their listeners on SW and continues with Gerry Carroll at the mic.

This BFBS recording is with thanks to Joe Rossa

The Blanchardstown FM Band Service station page


Gerry Stevens, then John Power on air from 6.52pm

Q102 celebrates one year on air. This recording from January 23rd 1986 starts at 6.52pm with Gerry Stevens on air leading to the 7pm news with Anne Cassin (pictured).

After 7pm John Kenny takes to the airwaves.

Westside Radio International

This January 26th 1986 recording starts at 11.57am, just in time for this week’s DX News with Prince Terry.

Westside Radio International off 6280kHz SW

Radio Nova

Three recordings of Dublin superpirate Radio Nova from March 16th 1986.

First up we join Dave Johnson as he concludes the first hour of this week’s European Top 40 at 12.55pm.

Next, we join him as he counts down from number 4 to finish the show from 2.45pm.

Finally, after a break in transmission as announced on the 3pm News, we join John O’Hara with Nova Gold from 3.26pm

With thanks to Gary Hogg – DX Archive


This recording of Dublin station LLCR is from April 4th 1986, when the station was newly-launched.

It features Paul Barrett’s programme in two parts, the first starts at 4.30pm and the second and starts at 5.13pm.

At this time the station broadcast on 96.7MHz FM and 1035kHz AM.

This Radio Retro recording is with thanks to Joe Rossa

LLCR station page

Energy 103

The first day of broadcasts from Energy 103.

On Sunday April 27th 1986, 103.1MHz and 738kHz in Dublin had lit up with continuous music tests, presumed to be the return of Zoom 103 – the station owned by former Nova employees – which had broadcast for just a few days following the closure of Radio Nova on March 19th.

The unidentified tests returned on Monday April 28th, this time on 103.0MHz and 738kHz. Following a couple of hours of continuous music, the station went live at around 2pm and identified as Energy 103.

Richard Jackson was the first jock on the air and this recording has the very first presenter ID and then has Richard’s show in full.

At 4pm Tony McKenzie takes over the reins.

Radio Sandymount

From May 1986 this is David Baker on air for Radio Sandymount – one of the series of ‘Festival’ stations that popped up in towns whenever they had their Community Week during the summer months. This recording starts at 2.31pm.

ENERGY 103 (June 4th 1986)

This is a recording of the Dublin station Energy 103 from June 4th 1986. It starts at 7.13am and features John O’Hara and Gary Hamill on air with Early Energy.

Unfortunately, this recording has two large segments missing from the programme but that does not affect the enjoyment of a great sample from the early stage of the station.

Energy 103 Station Page

ENERGY 103 (June 7th 1986)

This is a late night recording of the Dublin station Energy 103 from June 7th 1986.

It starts at 11.45pm and feature Gary Hamill on air with Pure Energy.

This Energy 103 recording is a Radio Retro original

Energy 103 Station Page

Energy 103

John O’Hara on Energy 103 from 7.09pm on June 19th 1986.

RADIO WEST (June 22nd 1986)

This is an edition of Radio West’s Anorak Show from Sunday, June 22nd 1986 which features a long phone-call from Heddy Eddie and the rest of the week’s anorak news and gossip.

This Radio West recording is with thanks to Joe Rossa

Radio West station page

Mount Merrion Community Radio

From June 29th 1986 this is an afternoon recording of RTÉ Mount Merrion Community Radio, the week-long service provided by the state broadcaster.

Wonderland Radio

Joe Carney on Tallaght’s Wonderland Radio from 9.58pm on June 20th 1986.


From the afternoon of September 14th 1986, this is a recording of John Lander’s Hit Music USA as aired on Dublin station Q102.

DIAMOND RADIO (October 27th 1986)

From the October bank holiday in 1986, this is a recording of John Gold on Diamond Radio, the small, hobbyist pirate station based in Ballyfermot.

This Diamond Radio recording is with thanks to John O’Flaherty

Diamond Radio station page

NDCR (November 9th 1986)

From November 1986 this is a recording of North Dublin Community Radio off 100FM.

Starting at 9am, it’s the debut outing for Early Call with Dave & Tony.

This Radio Retro recording is by kind courtesy of Dave O’Connor

NDCR Station Page

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