Energy 103

John O’Hara for Dublin pirate station Energy 103 from January 19th 1987. This FM recording starts at 7.27pm.

Boyneside Radio

Heddy Eddie on air for Boyneside Radio in Drogheda, Co Louth from 4pm on January 23rd 1987

WRKY 103

Kerry pirate Rocky 103 on April 17th – Good Friday 1987.

Radio West

An edition of Radio West’s Anorak Show with Captain West and Don Allen hosting. This episode features an extensive interview with Heddy Eddie who talks about a raid on Radio Boyneside which had taken place earlier in the week.

Boyneside Radio

From Drogheda in Louth this is Boyneside Radio on 1305kHz with Dermot Kearns asking the questions days after the station was raided. This recording starts at 12.05pm.

Following DK Asks The Questions, Heddy Eddie presents the Double Top 10 Show from 1.30pm.

These recordings are with kind courtesy of Gary Hogg

Energy 103

Darad commented on the above recording:
Check out that audio. I am pretty sure that was me that put in that request for us down at Fast Food Ranelagh as that’s where I worked at the time and we always phoned in requests to Energy. Sometimes I’d cycle down there and get goodies thrown down to me from the third floor whilst Rick Dees was on!

Energy 103

Alan Burns on air for Dublin pirate Energy 103 from May 8th 1987. This recording starts at 10.28am.

Energy 103

Morning programmes from Dublin superpirate Energy 103 on May 13th 1987, starting at 6.50am.

First on air is Pat Courtenay, with Lisa Moore on news. At 9.30am Alan Burns takes over and at midday Tony McKenzie kicks off the afternoon.

ZEE 103 (June 27th 1987)

Courtesy of Ian Biggar

This is a recording of the Louth pirate radio station Zee 103 from June 27th 1987.
The station was based in Omeath, very close to the Northern Irish border, and was specifically aimed at a mid-Ulster audience.
This recording was off 103.25MHz and starts at 5pm.

Zee 103 station page

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