Radio Dublin

Broadcasting in defiance of a new Act outlawing pirate stations with the threat of huge fines and imprisonment, Radio Dublin fill the void on a just-emptied MW dial.

Just two days since all other Dublin stations disappeared, in the first recording we join Radio Dublin with live programming from 4.42pm on January 3rd 1989, and then from 6.36pm in the second recording.

Radio Star Country

The Gerry Byrne Show on Radio Star Country temporarily broadcasting from Co Tyrone on 981kHz shortly after legislation forced the rest of the country’s pirates off the air. This recording starts at 8.19am.

Atlantic 252

This recording, off 254kHz, starts at 7.50am with test transmissions leading to the station’s launch at 8am on September 1st 1989.

Gary King launching Atlantic 22

Century Radio

September 1st test transmissions from the new independent national station Century Radio, which was due to launch on the 4th.

Radio Dublin

Dave Felton on air for Radio Dublin (International!) on the afternoon of September 1st 1989. Recorded off 101.2MHz (with the station also broadcasting on 1188kHz and 6910kHz), we join Dave’s show at 2.16pm.

Classic Hits 98FM

The final minutes of test broadcasts and then the launch of a new rock music station in Dublin. Classic Hits was the second of the new stations for Dublin, arriving on air 10 months after the closure of the nation’s pirates.
This recording, which is presented exactly as it went out on 98.1MHz, starts at 11.48pm with the station due to launch at midnight.

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