VIRGIN RADIO April 30th 1993

Richard Branson launches Virgin Radio
Richard Branson launches Virgin Radio

The launch of the UK national station Virgin Radio on 1215kHz from April 1993.

Radio Retro: Archiving Irish radio broadcasts since 2002

Kiss FM – June 7th 1993

From Castlebar in Co Mayo this is a recording of Kiss FM. It features Mr Techno with an anarchic broadcast from the night of June 7th 1993.

This Kiss FM recording is with thanks to Mike

Kiss FM station page

BBC Radio 1

A recording off the Astra satellite of the much-loved and much-missed John Peel on BBC Radio 1 from July 1993

COAST FM August 15th 1993

This is a recording of the first-ever official episode of The Anorak Hour Free Radio Show on Coast FM, recorded off 103.3MHz. It was the forerunner of the version best-known for its run on Phantom FM.

This edition is presented by Barry Dunne along with Pete Reed and together they bring us a digest of news and information about events in the radio world.

Radio Retro: archiving Irish radio broadcasts since 2002

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