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Colm Hayes

The Anorak Hour #229

This is edition number 229 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on April 30th 2000.

This edition of The Anorak Hour features:
Lawrence John on Radio Nova in 1984 and there’s an airing for Colm Hayes’s ‘The RTÉ Jam Rap’;
Aidan Cooney interviewing station head Jim Smith on Treble TR from the final day of broadcasting in December 1988;
And then there’s a sample of Jim Smith on K.I.C. FM;
John O’Hara (as John Young) on Radio Dublin in 1983;
Wes D’Arcy on East Coast Radio in 1998;
An extract from ‘The Sunday Night Sex Show’, a Canadian advice programme;
Pete Reed with the week’s broadcast news.

The Anorak Hour #232

This is edition number 232 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on May 21st 2000.

This special edition of The Anorak Hour features:
A studio visit from two of the guys responsible for ‘The Irish Era’ website, which forms part of the amazing – Jack Russell & Gary Hogg;
As an introduction, there’s a recording of Dave Anderson on the shortwave pirate WMR;
Later there’s more from WMR on a test transmission from August 1981 with Barry Stevens; then Jack himself from New Year’s Day 1982;
The final insert piece is from 1981 with various clips featured, including Colm Hayes and Jason Maine on Radio Nova, Double R Radio from Dublin city, Southside Radio & John Clarke on KELO from Swords in north co Dublin;
And Pete Reed gives a Dublin bandscan during a short news section.

The Anorak Hour #L13

The thirteenth edition of the licensed version of Phantom FM’s media industry programme presented by Ger Roe as broadcast at 9am on January 28th 2007.

On this week’s edition:-
Dublin’s Energy 103 from May 6th 1986 with Tony McKenzie on air;
Then more Energy with Colm Hayes on breakfast duty in January 1987;
Boyneside Radio from 1987 with Dave C on the air is next;
Staying in Co Louth, Radio Carousel are featured next with an excerpt from the station’s history as broadcast in 1983;
A recording of Gareth O’Callaghan from April 1988 on air for Q102 is the next item just before the news break;
A feature on Sealand;

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