Recordings featuring Laser 558


This is edition number 290 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on January 13th 2002.

On this week’s show:-
The Voices of Atlantic 252 as featured on their final live programme (featured in full here);
Charlie Wolf on board the MV Communicator for the offshore pirate Laser 558;
Laser 558 Jingles & Promos;
RTÉ Radio 2’s 5th Birthday Rap;
Mark Cagney on national station Today FM in June 1998;
Dublin dance pirate station ESG FM from April 2000 with Ciarán Murray in air;
Finally, Pete Reed joins Ger for this week’s industry news.


The seventeenth edition of the licensed version of Phantom FM’s media industry programme presented by Ger Roe as broadcast at 9am on February 25th 2007.

On this week’s edition:-
Atlantic 252’s ‘Sound of the Station’ promotional piece from 1991;
From October 1985, Pat Courtenay on Breakfast duty for Sunshine Radio;
Samples from Laser 558’s early broadcasts and a background feature on the station’s dramatic final hours;
From 1985, former Laser jocks Jessie Brandon and Rick Harris on dry land at Radio Nova;
A look at the history of New Zealand’s Radio Hauraki;
From October 2002, Alison Curtis on air at the pirate version of Phantom.