CAPITOL RADIO December 7th 1975

This is a recording from December 7th 1975 of Dublin pirate Capitol Radio.
It features Alan Russell’s programme on a Sunday afternoon and includes an interview with the band The Horslips which was recorded on location.
This broadcast went out on 220m MW utilising a 30 watt transmitter fed into a half-wave aerial.

This Radio Retro recording is by kind courtesy of Al Russell who adds:
It includes an interview with Horslips recorded in the National Stadium on the Sth. Circular Road in Dublin. We aired an interview with Chris De Burgh the following week before the P&T raided & closed the station on 21st December.
Perhaps we were becoming too popular & successful, if we had stuck with simply playing the top 40 as per Radio Dublin we might have lasted longer, who knows. Certainly brought back the memories compiling this copy, I was just 19 when Capitol was on air in 1975.
My late father used to secretly tune in with my siblings at home on the radio in the kitchen. It was always carefully re-tuned to Radio Éireann by the time I returned home!

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