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The Anorak Hour #369

This is edition number 369 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast over the station’s webstream on July 20th 2003.

In this week’s show, there’s a follow-up to last week’s Radio Nova Zoo Crew feature with a sample of the launch of the new Dublin’s Country Breakfast Show featuring Dave Harvey and Bob Gallico, two of the presenters from the Nova version.

Next, there’s a recording of the satellite version of Radio Caroline featuring Sarah Miles from August 1999.

Then it’s back locally to Dublin with the Oldies Show from Freedom 92FM, one of the stations who have failed to return following Black Tuesday.

The next recording features an old favourite of the airwaves, Simon Young, in his early days with Big D, followed by a later clip from July 1999 with his 2FM Oldies show.

Then it’s back to 1988 when all the pirate stations closed and indulged in nostalgia, including Treble TR. This clip features Aidan Cooney on-air with station owner Jim Smith.

Next, there’s another station who failed to reappear following the infamous ComReg raids in May. This recording samples The Deep End on Jazz FM.

Then we go across the Atlantic to New York with WQHT, Hot 97FM from 1989.

Final archive is an airing for the Big D song.

The show finishes with a look at this week’s news.

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