Cassidy Jones

ENERGY 103 December 18th 1987

This is Alan Burns on air for Dublin pirate Energy 103 from May 8th 1987. This recording starts at 9.35am.

This recording of The Breakfast Club with Cassidy Jones, Bob Gallico and Lisa Moore was made on the morning Energy 103 restored their old moniker following a month of having an identity crisis which confused listeners, and presenters alike!
Energy Power 103 had merged with the new Radio Nova in the last week of November to become Nova Power 103, but a legal challenge over the use of the Nova name forced them to change again so they identified as Power 103FM for a couple of weeks.

As broadcast


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RADIO NOVA August 1st 1988

This recording from August 1st 1988 of Radio Nova’s satellite-delivered incarnation starts at 3.15pm with Cassidy Jones on air leading to the 4pm news which featured Teena Gates on an insert for the Dublin relay.

Radio Nova (satellite) off a Dublin FM relay on 104.3MHz

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