Declan Meehan

SUNSHINE RADIO (June 18th 1982)

Sunshine Radio - Declan Meehan

This is Declan Meehan’s final show for Sunshine Radio from June 18th 1982. We join the broadcast, which was recorded off 531kHz, at 4.45pm.

Tom Hardy follows Declan from 6pm, here’s a few minutes of his show.

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Radio Nova

May 14th 1983 was the date set for Operation Novacare 1983, an annual charity fundraiser ran by Radio Nova.

Sybil Fennell for Operation Novacare

In the first recording Declan Meehan is on air from the studios from 9.56am, whilst Nova personalities are on location in Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre.

Tony Gareth takes over from Declan at 2pm

This recording can now be downloaded direct from DX Archive.
We host it with thanks to Gary Hogg.

Radio Nova

A famous day in Irish radio history as Declan Meehan and Bob Gallico compose themselves on air whilst Department of P&T officials, accompanied by Gardaí, demand that they switch off Radio Nova.

The full story of the 1983 Raids is told chronologically in this Radiowaves Special Feature [tap here]

Radio Nova

Declan Meehan and Bob Gallico return to the airwaves the morning after a major raid on the station.

They were followed by Tom Hardy. This is the first hour of his show…

More from Tom Hardy. This recording from his show is from 11.50am and culminates with a historical announcement…

The full story of the 1983 Raids is told chronologically in this Radiowaves Special Feature [tap here]

Radio Nova

Nova Gold with John Clarke from 4pm

This recording, which was made in Blackpool, England off 819kHz (even though the station were announcing 828kHz), starts at 4pm with John Clarke on air with Nova Gold, along with Martin Block on news duties.

At this time Radio Nova were using a temporary 1kW transmitter and were also broadcasting on 88.2MHz.

Radio Nova

Radio Nova off 819kHz on January 25th 1984. Starting at 7.11am and running through to 1.15pm, this is a straight 6 hours recording featuring the iconic pairing of Declan Meehan & Bob Gallico, then Colm Hayes from 9am, followed by John Clarke from midday.

It is interesting to note that this recording was made in Leeds by Gary Hogg of DX Archive.

Radio Nova

From May 7th 1984 this is programming from Dublin station Radio Nova recorded off 88.2MHz. The four recordings span much of the day from early morning through late evening.

First, from 7am, Bob Gallico is reading the news leading into his shared programme with Declan Meehan.

Following them Colm Hayes is on air from 9am.

Later in the day we catch the last hour and 10 minutes of Greg Gaughran’s afternoon programme.

Then from 7pm the ever-popular Jason Maine takes over for the evening broadcast.

These Radio Nova recordings are courtesy of DX Archive

These recordings were made at a time when RTÉ were engaged in a jamming campaign against the Dublin superpirates Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio. Nova’s studios had been relocated to the transmitter site at Nova Park in Rathfarnham because the microwave links from the previous studio location at Herbert Street were being targetted. To make things more difficult for RTÉ, Radio Nova were also broadcasting on 102.7MHz (in addition to 88.2MHz) and had two MW transmitters in action as well on 729kHz and 819kHz. Nova sister station Kiss FM had been broadcasting on 102.7MHz but it had been closed in January as a result of the jamming.

RADIO NOVA (July 13th 1984)

From July 13th 1984, this is Declan Meehan’s last show for Dublin superpirate Radio Nova before departing for Capital Radio.

Recorded off 738kHz, we join the show at 8.10am. Bob Gallico reads the news and does his usual inserts. And there’s a short snippet of Colm Hayes, who follows at 9am.

Millenium Radio

Declan Meehan on Dublin’s Birthday station Millenium Radio from May 8th 1988. He presents the Dial an Oldie Show from 1pm

Dublin’s Country

From 8.45am on May 5th 2005 this is Ian McKeever’s penultimate show for the licensed station.

Following Ian at 10am, Declan Meehan presents ‘Saying Goodbye to Gallico’, a tribute show from the time of the great man’s return to the States.

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