Henry Owens

RADIO NOVA (June 6th 1985)

Radio Nova's Funny Bubble Competition
Sunday World – Click to read

This is a recording of Radio Nova the Dublin superpirate, which starts at just before midnight on June 6th 1985.

It features the final of the Funny Bubble Competition (seen here in the Sunday World) live from Nova Park.

A whole host of Nova personalities – Tony Allan, John Clarke, Bob Gallico, Chris Cary & Colm Hayes – are involved as the winners are chosen.

Henry Owens plays the tunes back in the studio and Bernie Jameson reads the news.

This recording was made in the NW of England and conditions are variable for the duration.

This Radio Nova recording / image is with kind courtesy of Gary Hogg / DX Archive


The closedown of Dublin pirate Q102 in December 1988, necessitated by the introduction of new laws outlawing pirate radio.

This recording is off 102.3MHz FM and features pretty much everyone who was ever involved with the station in a broadcast full of reminiscing which starts at 2.20pm.

ATLANTIC 252 September 1st 1989

Gary King launching Atlantic 22

This is a full recording of the first day on the air from Atlantic 252.
It was made off 254kHz long wave and starts with test transmissions from 7.05am leading up to the launch with Gary King from 8am and then the full day’s programming through to closedown at 7pm.
Also on air that first day were Henry Owens, Tony West, Dusty Rhodes, Charlie Wolf. And on news was Andrew Turner and Mary Ellen O’Brien.

Test transmissions from 7.05am

Launch from 8am with Gary King

Henry Owens from 9am

Tony West from midday

Dusty Rhodes from 2pm

Charlie Wolf from 4pm

If you’d prefer an airchecked version, here’s the full day…

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