John Clarke

K.E.L.O. RADIO March 26th 1981

This is a recording of the Swords-based K.E.L.O. Radio from March 26th 1981. Starting at 2pm, John Clarke is on air for the north Co Dublin station.

John Clarke:
“Thank God it wasn’t 40 years ago (but almost, you do the sums) great little station, fun, exciting, free flow radio – and dare I say the humble beginnings of a “clutter-free format“ with a wide selection of music – where the waffle & the egos were barred from the studio – just great to be part of it.”

Barry Flynn:
“Hadn’t heard that before. Jaysus, even way back then, Clarke was the master of the jingles/inserts etc.”

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Radio Nova

John Clarke and Terry Riley on air for Dublin’s Radio Nova on August 15th 1981 from 8.44am. This recording is off 88.2MHz.

Radio Nova

John Clarke, Hugh O’Brien and Terry Riley on air for Dublin’s Radio Nova on August 15th 1981. This recording is off 88.2MHz and starts at 12.30pm.

RADIO NOVA (June 29th 1982)

Radio Nova celebrates one year on air with a birthday surprise from RTÉ.

From July 29th 1982, this is a recording of the Dublin station as they were forced to use an alternative to their main microwave link from Herbert St. The main link was under attack from signals emanating from an RTÉ-owned building in Rathmines. The jamming had started the day before but lasted just 30 minutes.

First, from 6.18pm, John Clarke is on air for the final 40 minutes of his afternoon show.

Next, the magazine programme Dublin Today features an interview with Éamonn Cooke of Radio Dublin

Then from 7.30pm, Jason Maine

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Radio Nova

Nova Gold with John Clarke from 4pm

This recording, which was made in Blackpool, England off 819kHz (even though the station were announcing 828kHz), starts at 4pm with John Clarke on air with Nova Gold, along with Martin Block on news duties.

At this time Radio Nova were using a temporary 1kW transmitter and were also broadcasting on 88.2MHz.

Kiss FM

John Clarke on air on Radio Nova’s sister station Kiss FM, recorded off 102.7MHz from 2.50pm on January 12th 1984. Ken Hammond is on news duties.

Radio Nova

Radio Nova off 819kHz on January 25th 1984. Starting at 7.11am and running through to 1.15pm, this is a straight 6 hours recording featuring the iconic pairing of Declan Meehan & Bob Gallico, then Colm Hayes from 9am, followed by John Clarke from midday.

It is interesting to note that this recording was made in Leeds by Gary Hogg of DX Archive.

RADIO NOVA (June 6th 1985)

Radio Nova's Funny Bubble Competition
Sunday World – Click to read

This is a recording of Radio Nova the Dublin superpirate, which starts at just before midnight on June 6th 1985.

It features the final of the Funny Bubble Competition (seen here in the Sunday World) live from Nova Park.

A whole host of Nova personalities – Tony Allan, John Clarke, Bob Gallico, Chris Cary & Colm Hayes – are involved as the winners are chosen.

Henry Owens plays the tunes back in the studio and Bernie Jameson reads the news.

This recording was made in the NW of England and conditions are variable for the duration.

This Radio Nova recording / image is with kind courtesy of Gary Hogg / DX Archive

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