John O'Hara

RADIO NOVA December 24th 1985

Christmas Eve morning with Radio Nova’s Zoo Crew from 1985. Colm Hayes, Bob Gallico and assorted guests keep the party flowing from 7.40am.

From one end of the day to the other as John O’Hara plays his last tune before handing over to Jessie Brandon just as the clocks strike midnight for Christmas Day – and All Night Nova.

ENERGY 103 (June 4th 1986)

This is a recording of the Dublin station Energy 103 from June 4th 1986. It starts at 7.13am and features John O’Hara and Gary Hamill on air with Early Energy.

Unfortunately, this recording has two large segments missing from the programme but that does not affect the enjoyment of a great sample from the early stage of the station.

Energy 103 Station Page

Energy 103

John O’Hara on Energy 103 from 7.09pm on June 19th 1986.

Energy 103

John O’Hara for Dublin pirate station Energy 103 from January 19th 1987. This FM recording starts at 7.27pm.

Energy/Nova Power 103 November 25th 1987

November 25th 1987 was a historic day in Irish radio as it seen the merger of Energy 103 with the recently relaunched Radio Nova. Nova had reappeared on the Dublin FM band a couple of weeks earlier – 20 months after the hugely successful station had ceased broadcasting.

Here we have a selection of recordings from the day, starting with Niall McGowan and Cassidy Jones on Energy Power 103FM from 12.30pm leading up to the merger.
We also have a few airchecks from the rest of the day giving a flavour of the mood at the station.

12:30: As broadcast

12: 30 Airchecked

15: 50 Airchecked

18: 00 Dublin Today – Airchecked

19: 55 John O’Hara – Airchecked

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CAPITAL RADIO July 22nd 1989

This is a recording of John O’Hara from 6pm on day three on air for Capital Radio, the first licensed independent commercial station in Ireland.

Still on air today as FM104, the Dublin station opened on July 20th 1989.

Capital Radio station page

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Capital Radio recordings courtesy of Rodney Neill

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