Recordings featuring John O'Hara


Christmas Eve morning with Radio Nova’s Zoo Crew from 1985. Colm Hayes, Bob Gallico and assorted guests keep the party flowing from 7.40am.

From one end of the day to the other as John O’Hara plays his last tune before handing over to Jessie Brandon just as the clocks strike midnight for Christmas Day – and All Night Nova.



Radio Nova

Radio Nova from March 16th 1986

Three recordings of Dublin superpirate Radio Nova from March 16th 1986.

First up we join Dave Johnson as he concludes the first hour of this week’s European Top 40 at 12.55pm.

Next, we join him as he counts down from number 4 to finish the show from 2.45pm.

Finally, after a break in transmission as announced on the 3pm News, we join John O’Hara with Nova Gold from 3.26pm


Energy 103

Dublin pirate Energy 103 from June 19th 1986

John O’Hara on Energy 103 from 7.09pm on June 19th 1986.


John O’Hara for Dublin pirate station Energy 103 from January 19th 1987. This FM recording starts at 7.27pm.