John Ryan

BIG L August 1st 1979

From August 1st 1979, this is a series of recordings from Big L giving a feel for the afternoon and evening programming from the station.

We join the output from 3.10pm with John Ryan

And after a large gap in the recording we return to John Ryan’s show at 4.25pm

We join the ‘Listener’s Top 10’ at number 7, from 5.45pm

And then from 6.30pm

And then it’s Philip Irwin from 7.54pm

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This contribution is from the recordings of Dave Small

BIG L August 17th 1979

This is a recording of Mike Richardson doing lunchtime requests on the Limerick pirate radio station Big L from August 17th 1979 from 1pm.

Later, from 2.30pm we have a short recording of John Ryan’s show

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