Mike Anderson

RADIO VALLERI October 19th 1975

After around a year off the air Dublin shortwave pirate Radio Valleri returned on October 19th 1975 with a repeat broadcast of a documentary about the free radio scene in Dublin.

As it is a shortwave recording there are patches where the audio is difficult to listen to but that should not spoil your enjoyment of what is a fantastic piece of radio history.

This recording is being run as a supplement to a Radio Retro special feature looking at the pioneering Sunday pirate broadcasters of the early 1970s:-
On the seventh day…“.

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Radio Valleri on Radiowaves | DX Archive


From August 2nd 1979 we have samples of two different shows from Downtown Radio Tralee. Above there’s the last 15 minutes of Mike Anderson’s programme, which is followed at 10am by Pat Kelly, below.

Unfortunately, a large section of Pat’s programme is not part of this recording and we rejoin him here at 10.40am

As you’re listening you are invited to visit the Downtown Radio Tralee station page and if you can add to the history (factually or anecdotally) or if there’s anything else you can contribute such as photos or recordings, please get in touch.

This recording was originally made by Dave Kenny

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