Recordings featuring Prince Terry

Radio Dublin

From December 28th 1975 this is Dr Don and Prince Terry on Radio Dublin for their regular Sunday afternoon broadcast. Recorded off 253m, the [edited] broadcast started at 3pm, running an hour late for reasons to be explained.

Westside Radio International

This January 26th 1986 recording starts at 11.57am, just in time for this week’s DX News with Prince Terry.

Westside Radio International off 6280kHz SW

Westside Radio International

The final programme from Prince Terry and Gary Lewis on the Dublin-based shortwave pirate Westside Radio International.

Scheduled to close at 1pm due to the new Wireless & Telegraphy Act, which outlawed pirate stations in Ireland, the pair say their final goodbyes to their audience at home and abroad in this recording off 6280kHz which starts at midday.

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