Teena Gates

Energy 103

John O’Hara for Dublin pirate station Energy 103 from January 19th 1987. This FM recording starts at 7.27pm.

Energy 103

Darad commented on the above recording:
Check out that audio. I am pretty sure that was me that put in that request for us down at Fast Food Ranelagh as that’s where I worked at the time and we always phoned in requests to Energy. Sometimes I’d cycle down there and get goodies thrown down to me from the third floor whilst Rick Dees was on!

Energy/Nova Power 103 November 25th 1987

November 25th 1987 was a historic day in Irish radio as it seen the merger of Energy 103 with the recently relaunched Radio Nova. Nova had reappeared on the Dublin FM band a couple of weeks earlier – 20 months after the hugely successful station had ceased broadcasting.

Here we have a selection of recordings from the day, starting with Niall McGowan and Cassidy Jones on Energy Power 103FM from 12.30pm leading up to the merger.
We also have a few airchecks from the rest of the day giving a flavour of the mood at the station.

12:30: As broadcast

12: 30 Airchecked

15: 50 Mainly Airchecked

18: 00 Dublin Today – Airchecked

19: 55 John O’Hara

Niall McGowan:-
Wow. Thank you for the memories we were all so happy in those days. “FREE” to play DJ and just have fun. In hindsight, we did not know just how much freedom and fun we had. I have always considered myself to be lucky to be on such great stations with such great people. Thanks.

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RADIO NOVA August 1st 1988

This recording from August 1st 1988 of Radio Nova’s satellite-delivered incarnation starts at 3.15pm with Cassidy Jones on air leading to the 4pm news which featured Teena Gates on an insert for the Dublin relay.

Radio Nova (satellite) off a Dublin FM relay on 104.3MHz

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