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Boyneside Radio

Boyneside Radio launched in Drogheda, Co Louth in November 1978. Originally known as Local Radio Drogheda the station was run by Eobhain McDonnell and Frank Buckley.

The studio was located in the attic of Donaghy’s Mill and the power was low at 10 watts but the following year the station increased power to about 300 watts.

The first DJs were Paddy Everitt and Martin Kirwan. Gavin Duffy and Heady Eddie joined from Radio Dundalk. At one time Eddie was on both stations. Later David Brown (Michael Comyn) and Áine Carberry joined the station.

A threat of raids in June 1979 failed and in 1980 the station moved studios to Mill Lane. At this time Daire Nelson, Owen Larkin and others joined the line-up.

In July 1981, Gavin Duffy had a fall out with Eobhain which led to a split and the formation of Community Radio Drogheda. Heady Eddie the station’s engineer left with Duffy and with him came the main 1305kHz MW transmitter, which was now playing out CRD programming.
Boyneside was also on medium wave but their broadcasts were being drowned out by the more powerful signal from CRD, which was on a powerful transmitter at the rear of the Ross Naree hotel three miles outside Drogheda.
Boyneside Radio was also on 98.1MHz.

For the next 10 months Boyneside and Community Radio Drogheda battled for supremacy on the airwaves but CRD folded when, in April 1982, Duffy moved to Radio Leinster.
Heady Eddie and Richard Crowley brokered a deal that brought them back to Boyneside Radio.

From this point Boyneside Radio expanded and launched a number of satellite, opt-out stations, some of which lasted until the mass pirate closedowns of December 1988.

These were:-
Boyneside Radio North, which ran close to the border in Carrickarron on 207m and closed with the main station on December 31st 1988;
Boyneside Radio Kells in Co Meath which broadcast on 266m and closed in August 1986;
Boyneside Radio Navan in Co Meath launched when Radio Carousel closed down in 1988. It broadcast on 1332kHz and closed with the main station on December 31st 1988;
Boyneside Radio Dublin, which broadcast on 105.5MHz and 244m from the Crofton Airport Hotel.

Boyneside Radio was raided in 1987 but got back all their gear in 1988.

The station’s final broadcast on December 31st 1988 was a special called ‘Boyneside Radio Saying Goodbye‘. The main station in Drogheda closed at 3pm. The Northern station ran on for an extra hour, and the station in Navan had its own opt-out programme, also closing at 3pm.

A young woman showed us into the studio where a gentleman called Eric Vaughan was in the middle of his morning programme. Eric it seemed had to talk after every record, as one of the turntables was down. Someone had been sent up the street to buy a new needle!!

DX Archive account of a visit to the station in August 1981

Station history compiled with the help of Eddie Caffrey

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