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Channel 2 was a very short-lived sister service to Breffni Radio in Cavan in March-April 1986.

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Channel 2 was a pop music sister station to the country music Cavan pirate station Breffni Radio. It was a split service with mormal Breffni programming airing on MW and Chanel 2 on Breffni’s FM frequency.

The first indications that they were planning such a service was in August 1985, when Breffni Radio attempted to operate separate programmes on AM and FM. A test broadcast was heard on 95.2MHz on Saturday August 31st.

In February 1986, plans were well advanced for a Breffni Radio service on FM. Shortly after 6pm on the evening of Monday February 17th, 96.4MHz sprang into life with an output power of one hundred Watts. The FM frequency was later changed slightly from 96.4MHz to 96.6MHz.

On Monday 10th March, Breffni Radio introduced split programming. 1170kHz carried the usual Irish and country music fare, whilst 96.6MHz carried the pop music programming of Channel 2.

The FM frequency was changed on Friday 14th March, from 96.6MHz to 95.6MHz. This move in frequency was as a result of a request from RTÉ, who stated that they needed to use 96.6MHz for FM link purposes.

Channel 2 closed on Friday 18th April due to a lack of response from listeners.

Station history and images are by very kind courtesy of Seán Brady.

Frequency Logs

  • 96.6MHz: March 1986
  • 95.6MHz: March 1986 (frequency shift)
  • 95.6MHz: April 1986 (Closed) 2019

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