Cityview Radio

Cityview Radio


Cityview Radio broadcast an oldies/Irish mix in mono to Cork city at night on 103.0MHz
( station page 2004 )

You’d be hard-pushed to find a greater example of what pirate radio should be about than Cityview Radio in Cork. This hobbyist station has been on air since the early ’00s and is one of the few survivors of the ever-dwindling pirate scene as we approach 2020.

Cityview is operated by a rather unique character called Mark O’Connor and is run from his attic. The only other presenter is his mother Maria!

The station usually broadcasts at night and transmissions have been known to be sporadic.

….and – in the case of the wonderful Cityview Radio – [a] strange and very, very unique [station]. Cityview has been around for years. It is operated by one man who is a radio enthusiast. He quite patently enjoys himself on air, playing music from the assorted Ryan Tubridy CD releases – or exactly as you’d imagine them if they were released. His mother bought him a transmitter when, after visiting some of the city’s stations, his love for the radio scene grew uninhibited. His unique style evokes memories of a character called Terence, the Corkonian who was a regular on Gerry Ryan’s 2FM morning show many years ago. (There’s a shiny new anorak at reception for anyone who can name the person who played Terence!). Cityview Radio appears on weeknights and weekends only, usually for a few hours at a time. It is reassuring to note that when you receive a signal, the station is live, which cannot be said of many others.
From a 2004 report on Cork’s pirate radio scene written by John Fleming for

Anorak Facts

  • Broadcasts in mono

Frequency Logs

  • 97.6MHz – May 2019 (Online forum)
  • 97.6MHz – January 2019 (Wikipedia)
  • 97.6MHz – December 2017 (Online forum)
  • 87.5MHz – April 2013 (Online forum)
  • 87.5MHz – July 2012 (Online forum)
  • 87.5MHz – January 2011 (Online forum)
  • 103.0MHz – March 2009 (Online forum)
  • 103.0MHz – January 2008 (Online bandscan)
  • 103.0MHz – October 2007 (Online forum)
  • 103.0MHz – September 2004 (Radiowaves) 2019

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