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Travel FM


Travel FM was one of the more unique stations to broadcast in Dublin. On air on a temporary basis in 1999 the station was a collaboration between Dublin Corporation and the Gardaí which broadcast traffic news around the clock – with music aired in off-peak hours.

The station ran for 8 weeks from May 10th on 106.8MHz. Unlike any other station, Travel FM opted to to use a live presenter. Instead, the station used a number of pre-recorded voices (including Bob Gallico) who had recorded thousands of stock words and phrases which were pieced together to provide on-air updates.

Anna Livia


Anna Livia, later Dublin City Anna Livia FM, was the former name of Dublin City FM.

Anna Livia is a public service radio station whose aim is to reflect life in the city of Dublin. Founded in 1991, the station’s committee, the Dublin Public Services Radio Association Ltd, started out on a two-week community licence and were eventually awarded a full-time operating licence.
Anna Livia now has a special interest remit and they currently broadcast on 103.2FM (previously on 103.8, they shifted in 1999).
There is limited music but it is a diverse selection.
Considering the non-profit, public volunteer nature of the station, presentation can range from the incredibly amateurish to the presenter who at least knows what the desk is there for – but you cannot fault the enthusiasm. Anna Livia is constantly improving and is always worth a few minutes of your time.
Previously located at Grafton Street in the heart of the city, and then Griffith College just outside the city centre, Anna Livia are now based in the heart of the city.

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