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Phoenix FM

Dublin (licensed)


One Community, Many Voices

Phoenix FM is the officially licensed community radio station for Dublin 15. They first went on air in January 2000.

The output of the station, under the terms of their broadcasting licence, is mainly talk-based with an emphasis on local news and community affairs.

The station is operated by the Dublin 15 Community Broadcasting Co-operative Society. It is based in Blanchardstown and serves the local area, which includes Castleknock, Carpenterstown, Clonsilla, Mulhuddart and Corduff. Phoenix FM broadcasts a range of programmes which reflect the richness of diversity in terms of interests and activities in the community of Dublin 15. The radio service is predominantly talk-based, with 70% speech content and 30% music content.

The station is run by about 60 volunteers, mainly from the local area. Presently it broadcasts between 7.30pm and 11pm each weeknight and between 3pm and 10pm at weekends.

TECHNICAL DATA (from the station’s website:)

Phoenix FM is licensed to broadcast with a maximum ERP of 25 Watts. According to their website, they use a CTE250 stereo transmitter to drive the aerial which is located on top the Services Centre at the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. The RDS data is generated using a Broadcast Warehouse RDS-1. The audio signal is processed (compressed, enhanced & limited) prior to transmission using a Behringer UltraDyne Pro DSP9024 6 band Digital Signal Processor. All transmissions are logged to the audio track of a standard S-VHS video recorder and the tapes are retained for 90 days as required by law.

The output of the station is controlled from our On-Air studio. The desk in this studio is a Sonifex Soverign 14S modular desk fitted with 6 stereo, 2 telco and 6 mono/mic channels. The stereo channels are fed by 3 Sony MDS-JE330 MiniDisc players, 2 Tascam CD150 CD players and a Sony Cassette deck. There is one RODE Broadcaster presenter microphone located in this studio for self-op programs and 5 microphones (1 RODE Broadcaster for the presenter and 4 Sampson S11/S12s for guests) located in the associated Talk Studio. The 2 telco channels allow us to take contributions on-air by phone. This desk has extensive talk-back and monitoring facilities, including off-air monitoring from an FM tuner.

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