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Community Radio Fingal

Community Radio Fingal


A North Co Dublin pirate station on air from 1982 to 1988

Community Radio Fingal launched from a hotel in Skerries in March 1982 on 1584kHz. A fire at the hotel seen the station relocate to Loughshinney, which is just outside Skerries, at the home of station manager Brian Matthews.


Community Radio Fingal played a wide variety of music and staff were unpaid. The station remained on air until December 1988, the time of the legislated closedown of all Irish pirate stations.


Station flyer
Frequency Logs
  • 1584kHz: – March 1982 (DX Archive)
  • 89.8MHz; 1575kHz: – November 1983 (Recording)
  • 1575kHz: – November 1987 (Reception report)

Anorak Facts
  • CRF launched on March 28th 1982
  • Telephone number was 491681
  • The bird in the station logo comes from the Fingal coat of arms.
  • Their sister station was Pulsar 98 with whom they shared some programming.

CRF page at DX Archive 2019

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