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Energy 103


Energy 103 was an ’80s Dublin superpirate, effectively the ghost of Radio Nova

Launched as Zoom 103, then changed name to NRG 103. Later, Nova Power 103FM , Power 103FM

Note the highlighted N, R and G in the station’s name

Energy 103 was one of the ’80s superpirates, on air for two years from 1986 until 1988.

Starting life as Zoom 103 (which replaced Radio Nova), the name was changed quickly to NRG103, before settling on the full spelling.

On-air identification went through many stages, with Energy Power 103FM being the longest lasting.

They used the slogan ‘Less Talk – More Music’ in their promotional material – and slagged off Q102 for directly stealing it!

Energy 103 schedule September 1987

A short-lived merger with the ‘all new Radio Nova’ on November 25th 1987 saw the station change name to Nova Power 103FM but this was short-lived. After a few days of identifying as Power 103FM, Energy was restored to the station’s name.

Energy was hugely popular and was number 1 or number 2 in Dublin, depending on who you believed. It had the slick style of its cousin Radio Nova but also had its own identity. Ironically the merger with Nova was possibly the worst timing as at that stage it had its strongest line up (right) – which was shaken up to accommodate the change and the station was never really the same.

Energy closed, without warning, on March 11th 1988 at approx 7.10pm, selling everything to Q102, who overnight took over Energy’s frequencies.

Frequency Logs

Anorak Facts
  • Famously located at 144 Upper Leeson Street
  • It’s probably still ingrained in your memory but the phone number was 606703 2019

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