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Kiss FM [90s]


Kiss FM were one of the longer lasting dance stations of the ’90s-’00s

Kiss FM logo from 2003

On air for over a decade, Kiss FM was a hardy dance station which outlasted many crises during their existence.

The station broadcast non-stop dance music to an audience that couldn’t seem to get enough. It didn’t quite have the professional air of other dance stations in the capital back then but was very popular nonetheless.

The policy of the station was to do live programming which, at a time when more and more automation was becoming the norm, has to be applauded.

On 105.8MHz for most of their time on air, they moved to 94.4FM in February 2002 following the launch of a legal station close to their previous home.

The station were a victim of the infamous ‘Black Tuesday’ raids which cleared Dublin of its pirate stations one midweek in May 2003. Defiantly, Kiss FM were back on air a week later, and despite another visit from ComReg which put them off for a couple of days, they returned and remained on air for a long period afterwards.

Logos at various stages for the station.

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