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Premier FM

Premier FM


Dublin radio station Premier FM are a rare beast who straddle both sides of the 1988 divide.

Logo from the station’s temporary-licence days

Premier FM were a very long-running radio station from Dublin. They were around since the ’80s, when they were known as Premier AM, and remained on air as a pirate up until the infamous Black Tuesday raids of May 2003.

The raids brought about a major rethink in strategy for Premier FM who decided to opt for the legal route and managed to secure a series of temporary licences, although their ultimate aim of a full-time licence was unsuccessful.

Premier FM was an oldies station which fulfilled it’s promise of playing the greatest hits of all time. Listening brought back many memories and reintroduced you to tracks you’d long forgotten.

Even when fully-automated Premier was one of the few genuinely pleasurable stations on air.

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Logo from the station’s pirate days

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