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Radio Empathy



Radio Empathy was a Dublin pirate station which was based in Churchtown and operated by Ed MacDowell.

It started in 1972 on 218m MW, moving to 222m on September 9th – ridding itself of interference from Radio Ulster.

Broadcast hours were increased in October and the station also launched experimental broadcasts on 98.8MHz on the VHF band.

On August 22nd 1973 it moved again, this time to 224metres .

Their postal address was given out on air as 31 Common Street, North Wall, later changing to an address on Lansdowne Park in Dublin 4.

Radio Empathy’s engineer was Mark Buggy, who also built the later Capitol Radio 1978 rigs.

On April 6th 1974, Ed MacDowell was on air when the station suddenly disappeared at 1.10pm. Empathy had been raided and the authorities took everything.

The station never returned and Ed MacDowell appeared in court in 1975 but was let off as it was his first offence.

Ed went on to become one of the founders of Capitol Radio.

A short clip of Radio Empathy from 1974 – courtesy of Al Russell

With thanks to Al Russell for his help with this station page

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