Radio Galaxy


Radio Galaxy

Playing a huge variety of music, Radio Galaxy was run by Tony Boylan from his then home in Santry, north Dublin.
Tony had started The Killeen Home Service in 1944, which evolved in to Radio 200. He was also responsible for Radio Laxy and The Ballymun Home Service. He launched Galaxy when he moved to Santry from Ballymun.
Tony had operated with little or no attention from the authorities for close to 20 years. However, on starting Radio Galaxy transmissions one Sunday morning in the early ’60s there was a knock on the door from officials of the Department of Posts & Telegraphs. Tony refused to let them in. Later that same day Boylan smuggled the transmitter out of his house with the intention of hiding it until the Department found someone else to bother.
Tony was back on air a few months later and received no further visits.
The station was still around in the 1980s, appearing regularly at weekends. The final broadcast was in September 1986 when Tony announced on air that he was moving to the Isle of Man.
Tony was also responsible for Raidió na Saoirse in 1972.

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