Sun 101

SUN 101

Review adapted from text supplied by 80s Bloke
Radiowaves January 2002

Sun 101FM is a fully automated around the clock radio station who play non-stop eighties music using voiced dj inserts. The station is now very popular around Dublin having relaunched in Summer 2000. ODTR activity forced the station off the air for a while in September 2001, but they are now back, stronger than ever.

Sun 101 is a revamp of C101.3 which started in 1997 with the intention of promoting Irish music but was desperately in need of a shake-up…this has been successfully achieved and credit must go to those involved.

Using live DJs in the future may be a possibility, but according to the station’s (limited) research before and since the 80s format relaunch, they have found that people prefer the non-talk , all music mix although some would like information on the songs and artists played. The station are therefore looking at the possibility of an interactive website where all songs playing will have the name displayed as they play.

80s format radio is one of the fastest growing formats in the USA with great stations in Portland and Seattle.

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