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Atlantic Sound

Atlantic Sound


Atlantic Sound was an ’80s Galway-based pirate radio station started by Alan Russell from Dublin (who at the time was broadcasting American Religious programmes on an FM station in Dublin).

There were test transmissions on Atlantic Sound for a few weeks and then Alan was heard on-air introducing songs and weather updates.

The owner of the station had little to do with the running of it. He left it to Russell to get on with it.

After a short few months, the station was taken over and managed by Don Stevens, Keith York, Steve Marshall and a couple of more guys who arrived from a station in Cork. All of a sudden, Atlantic Sound went from this ‘grandma community sound’ (with squawking seagull IDs) to a music explosion, with professional jocks, professional station IDs and great adverts. Real Radio had finally come to Galway.

Atlantic Sound closed in June 1985.

Station review by Shane Martin

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