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Craughwell FM

 Galway 1982-1983

Craughwell FM

Craughwell FM was a Galway-based hobbyist pirate radio station which was on air in the early ’80s.

Ran by 13 year old Ken Connolly from his home after school hours and at weekends, the station was on air for a few months spanning 1982 and 1983.

Based in Craughwell on 96FM, Craughwell FM ran on a home made 10watt FM transmitter and had a range of about ten miles. Among the equipment used on-air was a Sanyo tape deck from a three-in-one and a phonic mixer.

The presenters were Ken’s schoolmates who brought their own albums to play out over the airwaves. The home phone number was given out for requests.

Ken was also responsible for a short-lived pirate TV station running VHS through amps on UHF. It mostly played movies and one infamous broadcast was of a man buried alive for three days for charity.

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