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Independent Radio Galway


Independent Radio Galway appeared in 1978 broadcasting on 199m.

Irish Press – May 1st 1978

The following recollections from ‘Gruhn’:

It was the late seventies. I was 11-13 y/o. We used to joke that the I in IRG stood for “Illegal”.

Every now and then, the music would just stop. The station had been raided again. But the Guards must have liked the station. Seems they never took the transmitter. Only a couple of turntables. And who was the biggest sponsor of the station? The local electronics shop. They’d be back on the air in half an hour or so!

They didn’t hide the office. Encouraged people to come on down. Say hi.

They did a quiz show. Once a day? I think it was if you answer ten questions correctly inside a minute you win the prize. If you didn’t know a question you could pass and they’d ask another. They had more than ten questions. One day the questioning went in the following manner:
“A low gap between two mountain peaks”
“To kick the ball to another player”
“Do well on exams”
“Try to get a date with a girl”
“Overtake in a car”

I do believe the contestant won.

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