The Big LCR

The Big LCR



The Big LCR was a hobbyist pirate from Longford


The Big L, Lisa Community Radio


Where do you start?!? The Big LCR was a somewhat unique ‘station; which was compelling listening for anyone who happened to chance upon its broadcasts on 106.5MHz from Longford. Station operator Paddy ‘The Daw’ Farrell broadcast from his home, next door to the local police station!

Paddy was a very unique ‘presenter’, basically saying whatever was on his mind, no matter what it was that was on his mind. On air from Christmas 1999, broadcasting “mostly for his own amusement”, the station was reportedly eventually raided and shut down by Comreg, who were probably left with little choice, to be fair to them for once!

He was charged in the District Court with:- (on top of the usual illegal broadcast and possession of equipment) inciting a riot, causing a disturbance, and broadcasting profanity. Filing a defence of diminished mental capability, Paddy’s solicitor asked for a guilty plea, based in part on hundreds of hoax calls made over a number of years to staff at the local licensed station, Shannonsde – who were the subject of many of his on-air rants – over a period of years to be taken into consideration. 

Radiowaves News Archives – June 2nd 2003

Longford Community Radio are back on air on 106.5MHz. The station reappeared yesterday with programming content that was advertised as ‘Culture, Crack and the Unexpected’, and the day’s ‘entertainment’ certainly didn’t disappoint. At one point a tape put to air consisted of John Denver’s American Pie, a collection of anedotes about pigs and an except from a Derek Mooney interview with Pat Kenny. At another point the presenter told listeners that he needed to go for ‘a shower, a shave, a bite to eat and a shite’! He said he was putting on a tape but had no idea what was on it. It appears that the true spirit of pirate radio is alive and well in Longford.

Report: M. Bohan

We received the following Comreg transcript of programme content in the final weeks of broadcast:-

June 1st 2003:- Paddy played a selection of Irish Showband hits from the ’60’s; he then promptly interrupted the broadcast to announce to listeners that he was “putting on an auld tape”. Unsure of what was on the tape he assured listeners that it would almost certainly last the 30 minutes he required to have a “bite to eat, a shower, a shave and a shite”.
Upon his return 45 minutes later, he played “Catch Us If You Can” which he announced was “for all the bollixes in Comreg” and then played a song for “those young GAA heads from Dromard and Slashers, who were freezing their arses off in the fucking rain”.  The song was Nick Berry’s ‘Every Loser Wins’.
When the song had ended he informed listeners that the “auld pie he had ate was not sitting well” but this could be due to the fact that he was very badly hungover and “probably still pissed” after Denny Lawless’ party in Edgeworthstown the night before. He then proceeded to belch loudly before announcing another “auld tape” would would play  while he “bettered himself”. This tape consisted of Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’, ‘Give it a Lash Jack”, a collection of anecdotes about pigs, and an excerpt from a Derek Mooney interview with Pat Kenny taped from RTÉ Radio 1. 
Some minutes after this tape had finished, Paddy then returned to air to announce he was stopping for the day because he was “fucked after that pie” but made a promise that he would be back bright and early next Sunday.

June 8th 2003:- Comreg suggest there was no broadcast on this day but we have a recording made on this night in our Radio Retro section. If the above sounds incredulous, give our recording a listen…

June 15th 2003:- ‘The Morning Show’ started at 12.25 and was announced as being co-hosted by Paddy and his Black Labrador Diana. The entire show was dedicated to “The Bollixes in Comreg and those arseholes in Shannonside [Northern Sound FM – the local licensed station] “.
After some minutes of unintelligible swearing and dogs barking, he dedicated the first track – ‘Come Out Ye Black and Tans” – to “those Fuckers down at Comreg”, explaining he was only playing that particular song because he hadn’t got a song called ‘Fuck Off Comreg’, and he wished to make it clear that, as bad as the Tans were, he didn’t hate them as much as he hated Comreg.
There then followed a clip of a documentary about the 2002 Eurovision song contest, and, during this, there were muffled sounds of scuffling. which turned out to be Paddy faking a raid on the station, and he returned after some time to the microphone to say that he had barricaded himself into the studio. He played sound effects of glass smashing and announced that armed officers were attempting to break in, and possibly “finish him off”.
Apparently, a group of farmers in the local pub were listening in and, fearing for Paddy’s safety, grabbed various weaponry and embarked on a mission to save him. When they arrived at the studio they discovered Paddy sitting inside drinking tea from a flask. Two of the ‘Rescue Team’ filed a complaint with the Gardaí and another had to be restrained from smashing up the studio himself.

June 22nd 2003:- Today’s programme started at 1pm with the song “Ballad of the Green Berets” and ended two minutes later with Paddy’s announcement that he was, at that moment, preparing to drive down the town to “…fuck rocks through them Shannonside fuckers’ windows” and invited anyone who wished to join him to meet him on Ballymahon Street and to bring their own weapons, “preferably crossbows or hurls”, as there weren’t enough bastarin’ rocks in Longford to bury them fuckers”.
He was arrested by Longford Gardaí upon leaving the studio.

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