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Radio Scotland & Ireland


Radio Scotland & Ireland broadcast into Northern Ireland for a few short weeks in 1967.

Radio Scotland launched on December 31st 1965 on 242m. Aimed at Scotland, the station was an offshore pirate broadcasting from the Comet, a ship which had been built on the Clyde.

Paul Young was the first voice heard on the station at just before midnight as 1966 arrived.

The station covered the east of Scotland quite well but in an effort to be heard in Glasgow they moved the ship to a new anchorage off Troon in the Firth of Clyde. This greatly improved reception in the west of the country but unfortunately was geographically considered to be a bay and, as such, the station was now broadcasting inside territorial waters. This led to attention from the authorities in December 1966. This led to Radio Scotland closing in March 1967.

It remained silent for 28 days – certain plans were scuppered by bad weather and this led to the operators moving the boat to a new anchorage off Co Down and on April 9th the station returned to air under a new name – Radio Scotland & Ireland.

However, by the end of April the boat was on the move again, back to the east of Scotland.

The station ceased altogether in August 1967 with the introduction of the Marine Offences Act.

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