Radiowaves Special Feature: The Radio 4U Story


Chapter Sixteen

For the first time I could take full charge of the business side of Radio 4U and for the first time I saw a small profit by the end of the week.
I knew that this was the closest I could get Radio 4U to sound the way I always wanted it to sound. However, still looking for ways to improve the station, I had a vision to design a Fully Automated Radio Programme Selection System which is able to mix, fade, and crossfade (fading one signal over another one) different programme items such as music, information, commercials and news, which are automatically selected from several tape recorders. Such a system would have to provide an uninterrupted programme flow, as it is commonly known from public broadcasting services, without the immediate need for a disc jockey in the studio.

By March I started to do some research in this direction, timing speech inputs, analyzing the turnover of records etc. After consultation with Willy, I realised that neither he nor I had enough time on our hands to develop such a machine.

One local HiFi dealer told me straight that he did not care about a suitable target audience for his product as he would continue to advertise on another station because the owner of this station was his friend. In Derry, you need local contacts and backers, and it was here where I did not succeed in getting my foot on the ground properly.

Images: Wilfried adjusting the studio aerial