Radiowaves Special Feature: The Radio 4U Story


Epilogue: Fully Automated Radio or Television Programme Selection System

Originally I only wanted to develop a device to automatically mix certain tape drives with the aid of pre-programmed sub-audible pilot tones. But, when I applied for the first patent in 1990, I’d achieved a little bit more, something which even Willy thought to be impossible.
All available programme sources are subdivided into two programme branches namely a main (music / entertainment) branch and a link (speech / information) branch. This is to enable the Fully Automated Radio or Television Programme Selection System to use almost all commercially recorded music tapes on the main music branch. This main branch can be controlled by an Electronic Ear, a device which listens to the music and detects the fade out just like a human DJ. Alternatively, you can control this branch with a computer according to a timed database or, if you want to, by sub-audible pilot tones.
With the Electronic Ear, the music inputs do not have to be specially recorded or prepared (e.g. timed or recorded with sub-audible tones) for broadcast purposes.

This Fully Automated Programme Selection System compiles different Radio or Television programme inputs. When the entertainment source begins to fade out, an information tape starts and is mixed over the entertainment input. After the actual end of the entertainment input its source will be stopped.
Similarly, when the information input is about to finish, the entertainment source starts and is mixed under the information. After the actual end of the information input its tape drive will be stopped. When the entertainment input ends again, the process as described above will be repeated.

The order of various information inputs can be pre-programmed. Commercials can be repeated; news can be broadcast on the hour; basically this system can do all the mechanical work of a human disc jockey. Only announcements must still be made by humans. You can put all your speech inputs of your programme on one tape. After one hour talking you load your tape in the machine and then you can go home, down to the beach or wherever you want. The system will now produce 8 hours of great radio entertainment. The music can be any kind of signal source, e.g. multi-tape cassette players, CD-jukeboxes etc……

The whole system is protected against operational errors. Even if one tape drive is jammed or you forgot to load it, you will never have more than 15 seconds of dead air.

This Fully Automated Radio or Television Programme Selection System will provide an uninterrupted programme flow, as it is commonly known from public broadcasting services. You can not tell the difference between a programme which is produced with this machine or one which comes from BBC Radio One or RTÉ Radio 2.

My modest guess for the reason why this system is so sophisticated is because it was designed by someone who had the expertise of an engineer as well as that of a disc-jockey and a radio station manager.

I will be pleased to submit further information about this system and its commercial uses if requested.

© Patrik Garten 1991
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