The Radio Nova Story: Part 1 – Chapter 10

Chris Cary had many successes and achievements in life but radio was his passion. Setting up Radio Nova gave him an opportunity to create the best radio station. His belief was that everything must be the best of the best – you use the best equipment and develop the best sound quality.

John Clarke

Listen to a jingle

Radio Nova studio
19 Herbert Street
Radio Nova studio
Radio Nova Studio (Thanks to Richie Wild)
Radio Nova news booth
News booth (Thanks to Richie Wild)
Magic 103
Magic 103 studio 1985 (Thanks to Paul Buckle)
Magic 103
Magic 103 studio 1985 (Thanks to Paul Buckle)

Listen to a jingle

Taken by Kevin Branigan (aged 12), Nova Park, Hallowe’en 1984
The knee on the left is Greg Gaughran’s

Kevin remembers:
I was watching in awe as Greg was pumping out the hits, doing traffic news for Dublin and the UK. He was announcing that Rosko was on at 6.
I could hear the production guy teeing up Rosko on 1/4 inch tape as I was walking down the corridor and Nova were playing liners for cities across the UK. It was one of the coolest experiences ever.

April 1982
(Thanks to DX Archive)
The Optimod
(Thanks to Richie Wild)
Production Studio in April 1982
(Courtesy DX Archive)
November 1983 (Courtesy DX Archive)
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