Radio Nova: Part 2 – Chapter 03

Energy was a fantastic station! I loved working there. It was underestimated at the time but I reckon we had a bigger audience than the revamped Q102.

Henry O’Donovan

Mike Kingston joined Energy 103 in August 1986.

Tony McKenzie sacrifices Breakfast for Gareth O’Callaghan

Colm Hayes departed in May 1987

Teena Gates & George Long left in June 1987

Ernie Gallagher joined Energy 103 in September 1986.
He recently told Radiowaves:
Of course you never truly appreciate what you were a part of at the time, but it’s always with a sense of pride that not only were you there, but so many still remember the period for great radio in Dublin and beyond with such affection.
As music radio in Ireland goes, there’s not many could touch (the original) Radio Nova, (the original) Sunshine and Energy 103 for innovation and popularity. Only a handful of us did gigs on all three; it’s nice to be numbered amongst them.

July 1986

A logo for the station is introduced. Set on a vivid blue background the full station name is in white with red borders, except for the letters NRG which are solid red. The frequencies are in blue beneath the station name.

Alan Burns is a new addition to the lineup. Alan used the name David Andrews on Radio Caroline.

Cathy Kelly is new to News and Sybil Fennell is heard again on some weekend bulletins. She tells the press that she’s sorted out her issues with the NUJ.

Tony Allan’s voice is heard on some promos and adverts.

Adverts looking for newsreaders are heard.

On July 20th & 21st Q102’s signal on 819kHz is interrupted with Radio Nova jingles. The station were having link problems and an opportunist calling himself the ‘Ghost of Nova’ interrupted the VHF link to the medium wave transmitter.

Irish Independent – July 19th 1986

August 1986

A holiday worth £800 is given away on Gareth O’Callaghan’s show.

Mike Kingston is a new addition to weekends and overnights. Paul Clements is new to News.

A sign is erected at 144 Upper Leeson St displaying the station’s logo.

September 1986

Pat Courtenay joins Energy 103 to work in Production.

Ernie Gallagher joins Energy 103 from Sunshine Radio.

Steve Deane and Michael Lewis are new to the News team.

Dave Johnson leaves to join Q102.

The line up is as follows:
Midnight Mike Duggan
6am Tony McKenzie
10am Gerry Stevens
3pm Gareth O’Callaghan
7pm John O’Hara
Derek Jones and Barry Falvey are amongst those on at the weekend.

Mike Mahon joins the station on work experience.

John O’Hara, once described jokingly by a colleague as the youngest dirty old man on the radio, moves into the evening slot that he was to become synonymous with on Energy 103.

Energy really started to hit its stride from this point on. Things were a far cry from Nova Park but the professionalism from all involved was incredible. Pat C brought his magic – one of the most outstanding talents ever on Irish radio.

Ronan Segrave
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