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Radio Valleri were a SW pirate broadcasting from Dublin


Became: Radio Valleri International

Radio Valleri were a regular Sunday morning feature on the SW band through the ’70s and into the ’80s. Their first appearance, though, was actually on 1525kHz on the MW band on July 23rd 1972 from 12 noon – 1pm. The first programme lasted a half hour and was presented by Derek Jones, with Mike Anderson’s Pop Explosion following.

The following week – Sunday July 30th – programmes ran from 12.15pm-2.30pm.

Ran, with great enthusiasm, originally by Derek and Mike, Radio Valleri operated from a garden shed in the north Dublin area with 30 watts of power. The lads were later joined by Arno St Jude (Declan Meehan) and Edward LeRoy and became a regular feature on Sundays.

Unfortunately transmitter problems caused the station to shut down at the end of September 1972.


A new transmitter, a new frequency, and a new band, saw Radio Valleri return in October 1973 on 6317kHz on SW. The station proved very popular with European listeners but, after a year of Sundays, they closed again.

They returned on 6260kHz on October 19th 1975 only to close again shortly after for fear of being raided.

There then followed a prolonged period from May 1976 and the station broadcast regularly into the ’80s.

Radio Valleri early poster
Frequency Logs
  • 1525kHz: – July 1972
  • 6317kHz SW: – October 1973
  • 6260kHz SW: – July 1974 (Free Radio Waves)
  • 6210kHz SW: – September 1974 (Free Radio Waves)
  • 6260kHz SW: – October 1975 (Free Radio Waves)
  • 6265kHz SW: – November 1975 (Free Radio Waves)
  • 6260kHz SW: – May 1976 (DXers Archive)
  • 6260kHz SW: – July 1976 (DXers Archive)
  • 6202kHz SW: – February 1977 (DXers Archive)
  • 6202kHz SW: – October 1978 (DXers Archive)
  • 6202kHz SW: – November 1978 (DXers Archive)
  • 6868kHz SW: – July 1984
  • 6400kHz SW: – January 1986 (DX News)

Anorak Facts
  • First MW broadcast was July 23rd 1972 on 1525kHz
  • First SW broadcast was October 21st 1973 on 6317kHz
  • The switch to 6260kHz was on July 21st 1974

The Radio Valleri page at DX Archive 2019

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