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The Irish Broadcasting Station appeared in Waterford in 1942. Claimed by the operator, Francis Colbert, to be testing a transmitter he built on behalf of The Local Defence Force (a volunteer army set up to assist in case of an invasion during the second world war), his case wasn’t helped by the fact that he broadcast over a number of days on a number of different commercial frequencies rather than the army frequency.

The first broadcast was made on March 1st on 230m at 7pm. The station was raided in April.

As a footnote, this was not the first pirate heard in Waterford. An Irish Independent report from September 28th 1938 headed “Waterford Hears Radio “Pirate”” and sub-headed “Listeners Surprised” asked:- “Where is Waterford’s “pirate” broadcasting station?”

It mentioned that the station’s operator played gramophone records on a frequency of 400m.

Information Resources:- A Century of Irish Broadcasting by Eddie Bohan

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