Recordings featuring C


Capitol Radio

Aiden Stewart on Hallowe’en duty from 7pm

Capitol Radio from Hallowe’en night in 1983. At this stage Capitol were an album music station, prior to their repositioning as an Alternative music focused service.

Both recordings are off 95.6MHz; the first begins at 6.45pm and the second features Aiden Stewart on air from 8pm.


Community Radio Fingal

This recording of the north Co Dublin station, starting at 3.55pm, was made off 89.8MHz by the lads at DX Archive during a trip to the station.

At this time CRF could also be found on 1575kHz AM .


Capitol Radio

Capitol Radio from December 31st 1988

The last show from Capitol Radio, Dublin’s alternative station from the ’80s.

Starting at 10.35pm, the recording features the station getting ready to close for good.


Classic Hits 98FM

Licensed station Classic Hits 98FM from November 10th 1989

The final minutes of test broadcasts and then the launch of a new rock music station in Dublin. Classic Hits was the second of the new stations for Dublin, arriving on air 10 months after the closure of the nation’s pirates.
This recording, which is presented exactly as it went out on 98.1MHz, starts at 11.48pm with the station due to launch at midnight.


Coast FM

Dublin pirate Coast FM from February 4th 1996
Coast FM

This (edited) recording – which was broadcast on The Anorak Hour – features Jack Hyland, Chris James and Dave off 105.4MHz for the station’s final day of broadcasting.

The people behind Coast FM went on to launch Spectrum FM, then Phantom FM.


Alan Dean with a live test broadcast for this pirate radio station from January 4th 2006 starting at 2.40pm, recorded off 90.3MHz in Dublin.


Capital FM

Dublin pirate Capital FM on 90.3MHz FM from February 6th 2006. The recording starts at 9.45pm and features some anoraking from Mike O’Brien.