Recordings featuring Q102



Dublin pirate Q102 from January 23rd 1986

Gerry Stevens, then John Power on air from 6.52pm

This recording starts at 6.52pm with Gerry Stevens on air leading to the 7pm news with Anne Cassin (pictured).

After 7pm John Kenny takes to the airwaves.



Dublin pirate Q102 from March 16th 1988

Q102’s outside broadcast from Magnums in O’Connell Street in the heart of Dublin City to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in 1988.

Starting at 8.10pm on March 16th, this recording is off 101.9MHz and features Dave Kelly, Scott Williams, Greg Gaughran and Martin Block.


Super Q102

Some output from Dublin superpirate Super Q off 102.1MHz from December 10th 1988. The first recording features Dave Kelly from 4.56pm…

…and the second recordiing has The Boy Wonder on evening duty from 7.07pm



Dublin pirate Q102 from December 30th 1988

The closedown of Dublin pirate Q102 in December 1988, necessitated by the introduction of new laws outlawing pirate radio.

This recording is off 102.3MHz FM and features pretty much everyone who was ever involved with the station in a broadcast full of reminiscing which starts at 2.20pm.