Recordings featuring Longford


Independent Radio Longford

Pirate station Independent Radio Longford from December 30th 1988

Starting at 5pm, this is the final hour of broadcasting from Independent Radio Longford on December 30th 1988.

The station, along with all other pirates, were forced to close down by new legislation.


The Big L

The unique sound of The Big L (also known as The Big LCR – Lisa Community Radio) from the night of June 8th 2003 from 11.05pm.

Comreg were closely monitoring this Longford station at this particular time and it’s immediately apparent why.

If you’ve heard the station’s lone presenter – his assorted menagerie notwithstanding – Paddy ‘The Daw’ Farrell before you’ll need absolutely no introduction.

Sit back, tune to 106.5MHz in Longford to hear ‘Culture, Craic and The Unexpected on The Big L’.