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In our Radio Retro section you can listen again to historical Irish radio recordings exactly as they were broadcast.
Using the above menu you can choose by ‘Station’, ‘Presenter’, or ‘County’.
Or listen to the earliest pirates in the ‘Specials’ tab; learn from a ‘Documentary’ or find a particular ‘Anorak Hour’ episode.

On The Seventh Day…
This is a special Radio Retro feature on the pioneering hobbyist broadcasters of the late 60s – early 70s where you’ll find info and rare recordings from stations such as Capitol Radio, Radio Caroline Dublin, Channel 70, Radio Empathy, Radio Dublin and more.

August 2020 is Limerick Month on our Social Media Channels…
This Radio Retro feature is designed for our social media channels with recordings, newspaper clippings and stories from The Treaty County.
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If you have any old cassettes, digitised recordings, or radio recordings on a Mixcloud/Soundcloud account that we can add here, please get in touch – or use wetransfer to the same address.